Happy Kids, Healthy Biz!

Mighty Moose is a children's business and family entertainment consultancy. The grand leader, Mighty Moose, is not your every-day moose. He's got rhythm and style to go with his big smile, and he loves music, healthy food, funny tv, creative toys and going on frequent local adventures. Mighty Moose collaborates and consults with entrepreneurs, creatives, musicians, studios and companies to bring initiatives to life and raise them up to full moose stature (that's BIG!).

We work on projects and with businesses that bring healthy, wholesome, natural, organic, educational, positive and fun products and programs to all kids, especially those age 2 to 10. During these highly developmental years, kids are learning and adopting many habits and ways of living. We believe that as older kids, ok we're adults..., we have the responsibility to use our talents and skills to make kids' lives the best possible. Our passion is helping leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives bring the best of the best to kids and their parents, from music to food, toys to tv shows.

Mighty Moose specializes in:
 - strategy for companies, marketing and sales;
 - naming, branding, and new product development;
 - organization performance and leadership coaching.

Let us know how we can help you build sustainable success and help kids have rich lives in many many ways. And check out our Mighty Moose Radio internet radio station - fun tunes for kids of all ages! (link to right/above)

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Mighty Moose is a specialty division of T5group.